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Monday, June 14, 2004

Weekends are not for relaxing, not at my house anyway...

Man, what I might do to get my weekends to look like those on the beer and hot dog commercials that I occasionally see on the tv box. You know the ones, long, idle days spent relaxing on the beautifully manicured lawn, hanging out with a group of buddies, grilling and just generally taking it easy. That is NOT how weekends are spent at my house.

Instead, it was a weekend of getting cars hauled away, removing a transmission from another car and attending the air show on the base on Sunday. There was also yard work in an effort to get a portion of the back yard reseeded, homework and a movie to watch while I dozed off on the couch.

Details later. After class and after I complete the writing I am doing to support my eating habit.

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